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Cheyenne Water Fall

A Voice Declaring: “Not 16, 33, there’s something about the numbers 16 and 33, my sixteenth prophecy link goes as follows, there’s something about satellite logy 2001, and thirty-three, there’s something about Kosovo, the nation of Kosovo, of Satellite technology on the map 01/19/2010

-There’s something about major machine company Moore, there’s something about Tyson, about Earthquakes, The word frozen, the word, natural event, frozen as so arctic, extremely cold weather on the map 01/15/2011, 01/19/2011
-There’s something about spiders, about super spiders, even super bugs, unthinkable forms of insects, of outbreaks on the map 01/15/2011
Seen to be buying a truck, an extra manner of transportation, its seen to be filled with a harvest of fruits vegetables and spiders, there’s something about spiders, even super spiders, bugs, unthinkable forms of insects, of outbreaks on the map 01/17/2011

Lion, Wolf, Paw

From this scene out of the work Beast Of Beauty, Wr. 1992-1996, you will meet seven Native American brothers, they have a ritual in their family, every time one of these sons is to reach the age of 17.7 years. It is here they’re shipped from America to Paris France where they join the family ministry, the Paris Globe. They’re here awaiting a delayed for over twenty-four hour flight as they’ve all traveled to America to retrieve the most recent Globe, employee, baby brother, seventh son, Medicine Bow Sign.’ These Indian characters exist simply because I wanted to give the native Indians a voice, and a viable inclusion not only in this world’s affair, but the affairs of the Christ Lord, Jesus, unto the New World, The Kingdom of God to come.
Arise Sioux Noel, Standing Apache Arrow, Marked Tree Hill, Wounded Knee, Saber Tooth, Lion, Wolf Paw, Cheyenne Water Falls, and Medicine Bow Sign Deburk. When I first began this work I had no technical equipment, I would go by the store and buy large packages of writing tablets. This is how the ministry got its first name, ‘A Pen and Paper, because in the beginning, around 1987,88, that’s all I had. A couple years later I would get my first word processor, it was such a simple thing, but finally I could put the work on floppy. Then around 1994 an even better word processor, it was in one piece but very similar to what would one day be the personal computer. I can tell you now, the majority of this work is still on floppy disk, although I’ve been sharing the work, these characters on AOL, for the last six years. Evenly on the internet the last twelve or so years, I’ve only for a year or more been placing the work on USB adapters, I guess, here’s more of the same.

Cheyenne Water Falls 01/21/2011

“I tried to convince the parents to let me come my birthday, you know that I didn’t have to wait the seven months, you can hear mother right?” “Now Medicine Bow Sign, you know how we keep to tradition, it’s what we’ve done since our first child and what we’re to do until the last.” “You know why they hold to that tradition, I mean besides their faith in the Christ Lord, Mother said in a dream, a vision she heard a strong voice declare marked ‘seventeen and seven.” “Yeah but Lion, she said she’d already planned years prior to do according to this ritual we have, and didn’t realize unto years later that she’d done had some divine consequence until this voice years later assured her somehow.” “I was reading Genesis the other day, Noah’s ark, and realized those numbers seventeen and seven are mention surrounding Noah’s ark. “Are you serious?” “Yeah, I was stun as well, mother possibly don’t even know that, where in Genesis?” As one reaching his book satchel, as one hurried to find his bible, to find out whether big brother Cheyenne Water Fall knew what he was talking about. ”I don’t know specifically, I was reading about the pages, --I found it, actually the number seventeen is mention twice, Genesis 7 the 11th verse, but that’s Saber still seventeen and seven as well, the seventh chapter.” Wooo, I didn’t see that, but in the eighth chapter, the forth verse the two figures are mention together, ‘and the ark rested in the seventh month, on the seventeenth day of the month, upon the mountains of Ararat.” “My word Cheyenne, that’s amazing, yeah how much did your heart skip a beat after discovering that?” “I was stunned, even speechless, like you guys are now.” “My Lord is Christ, for mom to hear a strong voice saying Mark seventeen and seven, after she’d for years created this ritual with us, now we’re to know its significance.” “Then Marked Tree to turn around and discover even more divine clarity surrounding the end of the world in Noah’s day, it’s inconceivable, verses it’s end at present.” “You know what’s even more inconceivable, which is why I got woozy at the stomach as you begin to read, I haven’t told you guys.” “Though you remember how December 18th passed seemingly without incident, and then just before Christmas of 2010, you said you heard a voice declare, ---no not I, one of our subscribers, A Soledad Aggart, he said in the dream he heard his brother talking from the back room, how it would still happen this month, meaning the month of December 2010.” “We didn’t know it then, but it was talking about the Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse, I mean one hadn’t been predicted to come before 2017, are you Lion Wolf sure about that?” “Because 2017 would mark the end of the Intrepid Dream Calendar, my Lord in heaven, I didn’t see that, I didn’t think about that, yeah, it’s seventeen and seven once more, seven years remaining, the seventeenth year.” “What it’s been nearly four hundred years since this manner of eclipse, and where Lion Paw does that leave the Mayan Calendar?” “Didn’t they predict something of this kind would happen winter Solstice 2012?” “It’s said they only come every four hundred years, so there’s to be another one in less than two years?” ‘Look I better say this before I forget, just as Saber was reading that scripture from Genesis, the moment he said the seventh month, chills went all over me, because just before the New Year I heard a voice speak and declare ‘in six more months,--- what?” “Yeah, so I been wondering what’s to happen June of this year, the sixth month concerning or designing the fall of the world as we’d known it, and you, you just read how the seventh, it’s seventeenth day surrounding Noah’s Ark was a day of restoration and Jubilee after God had destroyed the world as they’d known it.” “You didn’t tell us, were you going to tell us?” “I don’t know Apache, it just didn’t seem like the right time, ever, it seemed we’d got one date wrong, and now another was pending.” “I guess you’re forgetting the countdown that went on with you designing the present American administration, yeah the voice saying, one month from now, and it was exactly one month before America’s President was voted into office.” “Still Sioux, even regardless, we didn’t get a date wrong,” not looking up from his plate, baby brother Medicine Bow seldom gave his view as this, thus all ears attended. “When are you guys going to realize that date marked the end of this nation and this world as we’ve known it, it’s why everything has been so erratic since, everything.” “Then what about the measure, or weight of judgment, the infested with fleas horse, the horse you later realized represented pestilence, one setting this country, this nation back for hundreds of years?” “I don’t think this country is going to tolerate us much longer, let alone the world, and we may as well realize it, whether the Juttah will be realized or not, it’s getting really bad with no place to escape.” “Look Apache, I been meaning to ask you, is this why you imagine this massive exodus by the oceans, Noah’s ark?” “To be completely honest, well you have to remember this wasn’t about God destroying the earth again by floods, so I sat one day.” “I began to wonder if there’s a mass exodus like we’d seem in dreams and visions for years, and man could not travel by land or air, I then said, what about all the Mega Cruise ships around the world?” “What about them arriving miraculously, even non-suspecting on all shores at once, right at the worse chapter of mankind.” “Then I began to reconsider, I begin to imagine how vulnerable Cruise ships were, that because of what’s waiting behind the seven trumpets and seven vials, that this cruise ship would have to have some type of cover, that it could be a transformer, it could transform from a cruise ship into a battle ship of some sort, fully armored, even the amour of God.” “Then I began to imagine how there’s to be thirty six in all, twelve Apostles, Twelve Tribes, and Those Twelve gates, how the first twelve arriving in more calm times would be more like Cruise ships, but a transformer still. As so how the second twelve would be more like battleships, but have the identical comforts of a cruise ship and the last twelve, cruise ship/battleship/ submarine, that it’ll be able to travel under water as well as on the water.” “You ought to see how you guys are looking at me, yeah probable the way they looked at Noah, even Ezekiel describing how the end-time temple is to be build, --huh, Medicine Bow?” “I never, remember Apache, we’re talking about divine intervention here, and the Creator like Sioux like to say, created the creature, to be a creator.” “So you think it’s possible to build these ships, that they could actually exist?” Well Lion Paw, you heard Apache use the phrase divine intervention, no doubt this is what Noah had, Noah build this inconceivable Mega ship doing the most primitive times of mankind’s history, now think about the technology God, the Supremes have given us today.” “An unpronounced knowledge prophesied to Daniel over two thousands five hundred years ago, but you guys, you’re forgetting one things, yeah, yeah Apache, it’s all make believe, yeah we know.” “So you’re engaged I hear, yeah, Pecan Harvest Grove, what the,” with all of them blurting out in roaring laughter at the most absurd look on Apache’s Arrows face, bringing much attention their way, knowing surely Saber tooth joked about.” “What is so, I was only kidding man, you didn’t see, that’s what’s so funny, you didn’t see the look on your face, it was hilarious.” “No, her name is Kavannah Mishall Hartly, nickname Vaughna, Cheyenne here found her for me while searching dating sights on the communicator, ah so you’re cupid now?” “Hey Guys,” signaling with his eyes cut skyward the flight board, did they all as well look this way, seeing as Arise Sioux Noel did, their flight was finally boarding. “Man I can’t wait for a hot shower and something I want to eat instead of something I’m forced to eat, Mother have another child, and seventeen years from now she’s to appoint him, or her to us, leave me out of it.” “Ah come on Lion Paw, it’s not Lion Paw, it’s Lion Wolf Paw and I don’t care Cheyenne what you say or how, I’m not coming.” “So Sioux, you going to tell her what we found in Genesis, she may already know, she doesn’t, she’s still wondering why seventeen and seven.” “ Remember, I was just there, then yes, I’ll call, see what she know, tell her what Cheyenne discovered, it will be an immeasurable blessed assurance for her, praise the Hallelujah Lord.”

The Author Patricia A Bradford

When I in the late eighties, the early nineties created Beast Of Beauty I had no intention to do any manner of research, I held the fact it was all make believe. As so was the God I served, the Supreme creator and Savior of us, with HIM, even THEM, there was nothing that was impossible. Most of what God hath intended for mankind was being made a mockery of, especially marriage. It was as though it would be a sin for Hollywood to present Jesus, even marriage in a good light, this most of all offended me. It was this offense, the desire to bring divine light in this pending darkness that all but wrote Beast of Beauty, as I on my own couldn’t. These truth and the fact I was in love with God, The Christ, Jesus and thus the people of God and wanted those reading to know Him, like this Supreme One want to be known.
When I began to create the work, I didn’t stop to think whether or not a young New York Attorney at law could end up head of a Paris France Law Firm. As well did I not stop to consider how far-reaching it would be that a native American family could head a French Global, spiritual, even prophetic magazine. When I made my main character Maaseiah Adonai (Tiffany Ann), the daughter of a Seminole Indian mother and Jamaican father, I didn’t stop to consider how possible or probable this was. It would be years later when I would learn how the Seminole Tribe were from Florida, thus making this union, this marriage just as possible as I’d imagined.
I by the anointing of Holy Spirits took something ugly and cursed to damnation and imagined how by the righteousness of God, this Christ Lord, a Holy beyond description people could exist. Is the Beast of Beauty story so far-fetched? How many Americans claim to serve Jesus as Lord, how much of this world see America as a Christian nation? Suppose these Christian people, of this Christian nation truly carried themselves as the Christ Lord, Jesus?” First of all a perfect forgiveness, for just as king David asked, do I hate them father who hate thee, do I count them also mine enemies? The son of David hanging from a bloody cross hundreds of years later, replied to this ancient question, saying, forgive them father for they know not what they do. Henceforth first, a perfect forgiveness, a perfect compassion, even intimacy, a perfect judgment, which is the wisdom of God, and thus a perfect peace…Jesus Christ The Lord, Beware, Apb, The RAM…

For they say the Lord seeth us not, the lord is ascended from the earth Eze. 8:12. From Beast of Beauty fea. Preee Ebonee Bele,’ by Patricia A. Bradford, Apostle, The Rising Above Ministry, (RAM) © Copyright 1992-2011 By: THE R.AM, All RIGHTS RESERVED.

That you be aware, that you be born-again, that you know an apostle of Jesus Christ is among you. As to pluck Ambers from the burning, take heed that no man deceive you, JCON. The Rising Above Ministry (RAM). Please comment at via my email,, or write me, even send donations payable to Patricia A. Bradford, 3569 Monessen Drive, Memphis, TN. 38128

Prophecy Links

Reaping The Harvest

-There’s something about Jennifer Hudson, and owing her 69 dollars, (see mankind’s debt to God), my 69th prophecy link is about massive flooding, massive flooding again on the map 01/03/2011
Seen to be in a blinding, very overwhelming Hail storm, hail stones of indescribable dimension on the map 01/10/2010
-Seen to be standing in my basement, seen to be standing in chest high flood waters, massive forms of flooding, of lost of life mightily on the map 12/28/2010
-There’s Something About Revelation 21:8, forewarning scripture of coming judgment, even punishment by the lake of fire on the map 11/13/2010

WARNING: It is a violation of true righteousness to use these moments, their explicit illustrations in a manner inconsistent with sacred godliness undefiled toward both God and man...See, Matt 22:36-40, Ephs 5:21-33, Ephs. 4:21-32.

Shaped In iniquity

Behold, I was shaped in iniquity, and in sin did my mother conceived me
Psalm 51:5
If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us, if we confess our sins, he's faithful and just to forgive our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness I John 1:8-10

For Salvation Pray:

I’m sorry Lord God, forgive me for my sins, wash me and cleanse me and then, by Jesus Christ receive me into thy glory again…Amen

Listening To: John Starnes: Jesus Is All You Need

Hurry Lord Christ and get us the victory

A Ministry Above

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